The Modern Wine Cellars of Instagram | November edition

by / Wednesday, 13 December 2017 / Published in Design Corner

There’s no slowdown in wine cellar design due to the holidays. There’s some seriously good #winewall #winecellar and #winerack finds on Instagram this month (just like every month).

7. Industrial Design with Wine

Elite Glazing Hardware showed off this insanely modern wine cellar. They were there to show off the secure and stylish lock for the frameless glass door. We went nuts over the wall of Pins set to a stainless steel back drop. Make sure you scroll through all the photos!

Wine display features Vino Series in double-bottle configuration.

6. A Cellar with a Cause

Standout VintageView dealer Wine Cellar Depot’s glass wine box is part of the BC Children’s Hospital Lottery Dream Home that raised money (raffle tickets sold out) for its namesake charity. Be impressed with the design and hurry back to enter to wine a home next year.

Wine cellar features Wall Series metal wine racks in max capacity three-bottle depth configuration mounted on Floor to Ceiling Frames (FCFs). All in Brushed Nickel finish.

5. There’s Some Room Under the Stairs

This is what you do when you need to find a space for nearly 600 bottles of wine, and love the idea of “walking” past your collection on the way up to bed or down to coffee and every other trip up/down your stair case. Great use of of frameless glass and custom wood mounts for the metal wine racking. Design by certified VintageView cellar designer, Joseph & Curtis.

Wine display features Wall Series metal wine racks in three-bottle depth configuration and in satin black finish.

4. There’s Some Room Under the Stairs, Part 2

This clever use of space brings a modern touch to the basement wine cellar while being every bit form as it is function. Design by A Finer Touch Construction.

Wine display features Wall Series metal wine racks in double-bottle depth configuration and in brushed nickel finish.

3. The Meaning of Transitional Design

We often get asked to describe transitional design. Now we can just point them to this chic wine cellar. By blending contemporary metal wine racking with glass and wood-finished walls, the blend of old and new is simply perfect. Bonus: A wine fridge to make sure certain bottles are always at serving temp!

Wine display features Wall Series metal wine racks in minimalist single-bottle depth configuration and in brushed nickel finish.

2. Grand Entrance

The only problem with this wine cellar? Your guests are going to expect you to open something nice the minute they see this as they pass through the front door. If you call that a problem.

Wine cellar features Wall Series metal wine racks in minimalist single-bottle-depth configuration mounted on Floor to Ceiling Frames (FCFs). All in Satin Black finish.

1. Is this a Gallery?

The design team at Heritage Vine (a certified VintageView wine cellar designer) gets its hold on a project, it looks like this.

Which is to say: beautiful.

Wine cellar features Wall Series metal wine racks in space saving 4-bottle-depth configuration mounted on Floor to Ceiling Frames (FCFs) (single bottle on one side of frame, three-deep on the back). All in Brushed Nickel finish.

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