Wine Racks and Displays in Restaurants, Hotels, and Wine Shops

Wine is a critical element to the dining experience, an ROI-focused decor upgrade that is becoming increasingly showcased in beautiful commercial properties around the globe. We work with some of the top restaurants, hotels, and retail locations in Miami, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and all points in between to create stunning visual wine displays that leave guests and customers in awe — and drive interaction (more sales) with restaurant wine lists and professionals.

Below you will find the resources you need to help in the design and planning of your projects. Please let us know how we can be of further assistance.

VintageView in restaurants VintageView in retail VintageView in wineries

Guard and Grace Wine Cellar Denver

W Series Wine Racks on Frames at Guard & Grace in Denver, Co

Liquor Lodge Jasper Alberta

Island Display Racks at Liquor Lodge in Jasper, Alberta (CA)

Fidelitas Wines Washington

W Series Wine Racks at Fidelitas Wines in Woodenville and Benton City, Wa

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Why should we use display racking?

Moving your wine storage into areas visible to diners and putting the labels on display is an effective way to improve guest interaction with your wine list and your wine professionals on staff.

Where can I see your displays in person?

Our design center is located near Stapleton/Northfield in Denver, Colorado. Our products are also displayed in many showrooms throughout the country. There are also many great restaurants already using VintageView to check out.

Can you customize wine racks to meet my size or storage capacity needs?

Our products are designed to be modular and inclusive of a variety of size options that allow for project customization. We can further cut many of our wine racks and offer an assortment of mounting brackets to allow further customization to meet your needs.

Do I have a dedicated customer service representative?

We have the United States and Canada divided among our customer service and sales team. Please contact us for information on your representative.

Should I work with a designer on our wine cellar?

Many restaurants and wine shops enlist the help of great designers for help in creating a beautiful layout for the wine storage. Ultimately, it is based on your needs, however. We probably know a good design firm near you and can help provide you info to understand if you need to hire one.

Can you design the cellar for us?

Yes. We are experts in spacing and would love to help you imagine your restaurant or retail display. With room dimensions, our design department can create an amazing layout in 3 to 5 business days. No charge.

Do you handle wine cellar cooling, too?

We do not. However, we know a lot about the systems and the top cooling companies in the US. We can point you in the right direction.

Do you offer a trade or volume order discount?

Please inquire with your regional sales representative to discuss project pricing.

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VintageView wall mounted wine racks and floor displays improve restaurant and retail design.