7-foot Wall Series Metal Wine Rack Kit (21 to 63 bottles)

Stretching 7 feet on a wall, this Wall Series kit combines two of our most popular heights to meet your design needs.




The 7-foot Wall Series kit combines two of our most popular sized metal wine racks to allow for a seven-foot tall display in single-, double-, or triple-bottle depth configuration. This package includes one 3-foot and one 4-foot Wall Series rack that can be connected with supplied couplers for a seamless column that extends to seven total feet in height.

Each column can hold 21, 42, or 63 bottles of your favorite wines.

As with our entire Wall Series offerings, these racks are stackable, allowing multiple configurations for wine room projects. Other kit heights include 5-, 6- and 8-foot tall options in all bottle depth configurations.

Constructed of high-quality steel with powder coated or plated finishes, our racks are durable, easy to install, and great for both residential and commercial applications.

With CAD design services available, let us help you create your wine cellar, or turn your room or wall into a stunning piece of décor.


  • Bottle capacity
    • 21-bottle (single-bottle depth)
    • 42-bottle (double-bottle depth)
    • 63-bottle (triple-bottle depth)
  • Holds standard 750ml bottles
  • 7-foot height (combination of 1 4-foot Wall Series rack and 1 3-foot Wall Series rack)
  • 3 standard finishes
  • Installs direct to drywall, wood, and other surfaces
  • Steel construction
  • Complimentary CAD design services available

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Additional information


Satin Black, Brushed Nickel, Chrome Plated, Black Chrome

Bottle Capacity/Depth

21 Bottles/Single Deep, 42 Bottles/Double Deep, 63 Bottles/Three Deep

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