Wall Series 3 Metal Wine Rack (9 to 27 bottles)

(22 customer reviews)

The perfect intersection of size and storage, the Wall Series 3 metal rack showcases 9 or more label-forward bottles.




A nine-bottle tall display never looked so good on a wall. The Wall Series 3 metal wine rack is the perfect intersection of form and function. It fits onto just about any wall, with ample height to fill open rooms with contemporary style while maximizing storage potential. This metal wine rack shows off bottles label forward with VintageView’s patented system.

As with our entire Wall Series offerings, these racks are stackable and may be cut, allowing multiple configurations for any wine room project.

Constructed of high-quality steel with powder coated or plated finishes, our racks are durable, easy to install, and great for both residential and commercial applications.

With CAD design services available, let us help you create your wine cellar, or turn your room or wall into a stunning piece of décor.


  • Bottle Capacity
    • 9 bottles (single depth)
    • 18 bottles (double depth)
    • 27 bottles (triple depth)
  • Holds standard 750ml bottles
  • 3-foot height
  • 3 standard finishes
  • Installs direct to drywall, wood, and other surfaces
  • Stackable will all other Wall Series racks (hardware included)
  • Steel construction
  • Complimentary CAD design services available

Additional information


Satin Black, Brushed Nickel, Chrome Plated, Black Chrome

Bottle Capacity/Depth

9 Bottles/Single Deep, 18 Bottles/Double Deep, 27 Bottles/Triple Deep

22 reviews for Wall Series 3 Metal Wine Rack (9 to 27 bottles)

  1. Jacob Harkins

    Full disclosure. I work here now. But I ordered these racks (3 of them) before know this company was even located in my city. I LOVE them. They organize my wine, keep everything tidy and make one heck of a closet.

  2. Kim (verified owner)

    We covered a wall in our wine cellar with these racks and they were easily installed and look fantastic. A much more cost effective solution to wood racks and enable you to see the wines you have.

    • Jacob Harkins

      Thank you so much for choosing VintageView!

  3. Amanda Hinks (verified owner)

    We received our wine racks quickly and they were easy to install! They are great quality, we will definitely be buying again for future projects!

  4. nandalkar (verified owner)

    Excellent finish and quality. Supports and displays wine well. Allows for multiple design possibilities.

  5. Ray M (verified owner)

    ordered these for the second phase of the wine cellar, and went together even faster than before. super easy to install and looks so great when you’re finished. now if I could only get the door and hinges installed as fast. sorry this is still a work in progress but you can get the feel for what whats going on. I’ll post some of the finished project.

  6. John Brumfield (verified owner)

    These racks work great! Covered an entire wall and everyone keeps commenting on how awesome it looks.

  7. Donna Stieber (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase.

  8. Alan (verified owner)

    Great product, we have been using this rack for years in our model homes

  9. Patrick (verified owner)

    I just completed my first wall ‘o wine! The nice thing about the rack system is that it can grow with your collection. I started with 5 3 foot racks (18 bottles). As my collection grew I just bought more racks and created 5 6 foot racks, now I have a complete wall. This allows for an efficient way to build a room. You can check out the “evolution of my wine room” here: https://1drv.ms/a/s!AtBWp7pVlrkviqll1Ub6qsAtjFegfA

  10. Philip Leach (verified owner)

    Great wine racks, nice finishing touch to my man cave! Easy to install, just need to buy more wine!

  11. Kevin Ryan (verified owner)

    We previously purchased two of these racks a year ago for a wine closet, and recently decided to add a third. The racks look great and are perfect for our space.

  12. Chris Champ (verified owner)

    these worked perfectly and were delivered very quickly. The finish is excellent and the assembly and installation was very easy. Would recommend them to everyone. Probably going to order another set and build a rack for my daughter next.

  13. Timothy Miller (verified owner)

    I purchased a total of 5 racks (one bottle deep) for 45 bottles of wine. The racks were easy to install following the directions provided. The configuration fit perfectly on a wall in a basement stairway. It looks great, and was a great use of the space. I could not be more pleased.

  14. Stuart Ross (verified owner)

    This is the third house in which I have installed VintageView wine racks. They are easy to install and a great way to maximize wine storage space.

  15. Mary Ketchum (verified owner)

    I own a small liquor store in Memphis. I have ordered several types of metal wine racks over the last six months. We are trying to utilize every bit of space for product. Because these racks come in so many different sizes, we’ve been able to install them in a few places that we thought were dead space.I was worried that these racks might be difficult for customers. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. They were easy to install. Customers love them & they are beautiful. We had three wine cabinets put in last month & they have the same racks inside the cabinets. I love these racks and will be purchasing more over the next year. If I had purchased these first, they would be the only racks in my store. Thank you Vintageview.

  16. Lynn Calhoun (verified owner)

    Excellent way to organize our wines. We previously installed 8 sets and just added two more – not sure if our love for wine necessitated the additional racks, or if the way the wine is displayed in the racks necessitated us buying more wine! Everyone who has seen the racks and wine are impressed and love the way you can see the labels easily displayed. Highly recommend.

  17. ROBW917 (verified owner)

    They look amazing and were a breeze to put up. Any idiot with a drill and basic measuring skills can do it in less than 30 minutes…take it from such an idiot!

  18. Armand Lembo

    Outstanding and a great value unless you factor in that the wine now looks so good on the wall that you drink it more frequently and this replenish it as frequently! Lol. They’re awesome

  19. Barbara Dible (verified owner)

    I love my 9-bottle rack and how easy it was to install! I’m an 85-year-old little old lady, and because of the very explicit directions, I was able to install it all by myself. I live in a senior independent living facility and my wine-drinking neighbors love it too!

  20. Jeff Sinfield (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to install. Perfect complement to my bar area.

  21. Jerry Reuhl (verified owner)

    Completely pleased with every aspect of this product. VintageView service was excellent. Delivered quicker than promised. Extremely high quality. Excellent installation directions and hardware package. Works as well as described. GREAT PRODUCT and GREAT VALUE in my opinion!

  22. Johanna (verified owner)

    These racks helped transform our boring stairwell closet into a beautiful under the stairs wine cellar. Living in Temecula, Ca a wine cellar is a must and I’m so happy we remodeled out downstairs closet. They were delivered very quickly and installing them was a breeze. Something my hubby and I did together. We get a lot of compliments whenever people visit. Highly recommend this company and the wall racks we purchased.

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