Modern Wine Racks

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W Series Wine Rack Frame Backer Bar

Take your wine collection off the wall. The W Series Frame Backer Bar, when used in connection with a W Series Frame, allows for one-sided wine bottle installations against walls with mounting obstacles such as windows or fragile tile.


W Series Wine Rack Frame Angled Base Plate

The Angled Base Plate attaches any W Series Frame to an angled ceiling or floor, adding even more places a stunning label-forward wine display can go.


W Series Wine Rack Frame 2-inch Standoff Bracket

Borrow the hyper cool look of the W Series Wine Rack Frame, even when mounting to a wall is available and/or preferred. The Standoff Wall Bracket attaches any W Series Frame in front of a with 2 inches of clearance.


W Series Wine Rack Frame Vertical Extension Bracket

Take your wine collection even higher. The W Series Frame Extension Bracket allows the installation of wine racks, 2″ off the wall, at heights of greater than VintageView’s standard 10′ or 12′ Frames.


W Series Wine Rack Frame Base Plate

The W Series Wine Rack Frame Base Plate allows for custom frame installations requiring the cutting of a standard 5-foot tall section.


Gift Cards for the Wine Lover in Your Life

The wine lover in your life could use stylish wine racking to update a wall, closet, nook, or room in the house! Instead of guessing which wine racks would look best in their space, purchase a gift card to get he or she stared (or all the way finished) with a wine storage project.