Custom Wine Rack Colors

While our various wall mounted and freestanding wine rack products come in a variety of finish options, we understand the need to customize the color further to match hardware or decor choices in amazing residential or commercial design.

Using the entire color portfolio of Cardinal Paint, VintageView can powder coat just about any wine rack to meet your project needs.

Oil bronze, terra brown, red gloss, bronze gloss … the options are nearly endless. Powder coating is a durable process that will transform your racking and last for decades.

Custom Wine Rack Color Examples


Custom Wine Rack Color Considerations

  • We can provide quotes within 48 hours on projects
  • We can provide custom wine rack paint samples for a small processing fee
  • We cannot custom plate — Chromes, Brasses, etc
  • The plastic finishing pieces cannot be painted and come in choice of grey or black options
  • Expect a 4- to 6-week turnaround time on painting once ordered

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