Wine Bottle Retention Straps

VintageView pioneered the label-forward wine rack in 2001 with its patented neck and base design that holds valuable bottles, securely, around the world. For wine displays in high traffic or seismic regions, we offer additional security with a variety of wine bottle retention straps that easily assemble to any VintageView wine rack. 

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W Series Wine Bottle Retention Straps

W Series Bottle Retention Straps are a minimalist, rugged add on to any W Series wine rack that will securely hold a 750ml bottle in place in high-traffic areas or regions with seismic activity. 


Universal Wine Bottle Retention Straps | Securely Stores Wine Bottles to Any Wine Rack

Universal Wine Bottle Retention Straps are a universal, elastic bottle retention system designed to securely fit over any standard or magnum sized bottle on any VintageView wine rack.