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VintageView Patented Neck and Base Wine Rack Advantage

The original label-forward design is still the best today. Our patented wine racks feature a unique neck and base piece that:

  1. Provides the perfect offset for a bottle of wine to rest sideways
  2. Offers the most bottle security
  3. Looks the best from a designer’s perspective.

Our neck and base design is protected by several United States patents, including:

Patent Nos. for W Series products:

US Patents: 6,991,117, 7,850,017, 8,231,015, 8,684,194, and 9,364,085

Applies to WS11, WS12, WS13, WS21, WS22, WS23, WS31, WS32, WS33, WS41, WS42, WS43, MAG1, MAG2, BIG-1, WS-Left, WS-Right products.

Patent Nos. for Vino Series products:

US Patents: 6,991,117, 7,850,017, 8,231,015, 8,684,194, and 9,364,085

Applies to VP, VPC, VP-2, VPC-2, VP-3, VPC-3, VP-WD, VP-WDC, VP-DWC, VP-MS, VP-MSC, VS products.

Patent Nos. for Grain & Rod products:

US Patents: 6,991,117, 7,850,017, 8,231,015, 8,684,194, and 9,364,085

Applies to all GNR products featuring the label-forward Vino Pins. 

The VintageView Neck and Base Advantage

Patent Pending:

VintageView has filed provisional patents on the following product lines: Vino Series Post, Vino Series Panel, Wine Wall Post. 

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