W Series Luxe: Premium wall mounted wine rack finish

W Series Chrome Luxe premium wine rack finish

The latest addition to our award-winning W Series, the Luxe edition offers a premium take on our top-of-the-line Chrome finish. Here, we swap out all of the rubber finishing pieces (rod tips, mounting hole covers, couplers) and replace them with machine rounding or plated parts. The end result is a Chrome that is even more elevated than before. Didn’t think that was possible, huh? 

We debuted the W Series Luxe at the International Builder’s Show 2020 in Las Vegas

Fast Facts:

  • Comes in all the same bottle size, depth, and capacity configurations of the W Series
  • Rod Tips are machine rounded for an elevated look
  • Couplers, end caps, and mounting hole covers feature a plated finish to match the rest of the wine rack 

W Series 3, 9-bottle wine rack in Chrome Luxe finish

Learn more about W Series Luxe: 

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