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We’re Still Open, Here to Help, Talk, and/or Train

by / Friday, 20 March 2020 / Published in News & Promotions

Under normal circumstances, we’d jump right into a heady wine cellar design topic. It’s hard to do so without a brief look into how COVID 19 is affecting our industry first.

Most importantly, our team is in good health and spirits. We’ve heard only the same from our customers as well. 

We want to do our part in keeping it that way.

This is why we sent many of our employees home to work remotely for the short-term, leaving us with as few people in the building as possible. 

We’ve also closed our Design Center to the public until further notice. 

For the time being, we are not anticipating any significant changes in service level, however, we are experiencing a slight delay on designs. Shipping and customer service are full capacity. 

We’ll let you know if/when that changes.

Beyond that, our marketing team will be hosting (remotely) several trainings in the coming weeks for you to take in the safety of your home office. Here’s the schedule (times in MST):

  • March 26 (11am): 6 Steps to Designing a Modern Wine Cellar CEU (AIA or IDCEC credit) 
  • April 1 (11am): Product 101: W Series + Frames
  • April 2 (11 am): Product 101: Vino Series, New Frames, More
  • April 3: (11 am): Climate Controlled vs Passive Wine Cellars
  • April 7 (11 am): Wine Cellar Design Trends
  • April 8 (11am): How to Sell VintageView Products

Please let us know what you need during this time. We are eager to help. 

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