Sometimes a wall of wine is more than enough

by / Wednesday, 28 October 2015 / Published in Wine


Our modular design allows wine and interior design lovers to create storage solutions for any size or need, not just ‭expansive wine cellars for vintage Bordeaux. We continue to see more and more installations of wine walls, which quickly ‭become beautiful focal points in any room. These projects can’t always include climate-controlled functionality to preserve wine for decades. That’s OK. Here’s what you need to know to build something amazing and without harming your wine.

1. Avoid Extra Heat

‭Room temperature is more than adequate for Tuesday night pizza wines that likely last as long in your ‭home as, well, the pizza. Please avoid unnecessary heat from appliances, however. Above the fridge storage, for example, ‭will cook a wine. Being near an open stove or anything ‭else that produces extra heat can be problematic, too.

2. Move Away from Natural Light
‭Direct sunlight is also your enemy. Even through a window, the sun can harm a wine very quickly. Find ‭an area for your display that doesn’t get direct natural light.

3. Know Your Surface
‭We have mounting hardware for just about any wall surface you can throw at us including concrete, ‭wood and drywall. Just know what you are dealing with before you make too many extra holes in your walls. ‭If you are working with drywall, a quick pilot hole will ‭tell you whether there is a hidden stud to work with.

4.‭ Pick a Size
How many go-to wines will you want to store at any given time? This will depend largely on your ‭entertaining and consumption habits. Understanding this will decide if you should install a 10-bottle wine ‭display over your counter or a 100-bottle wine wall. If you find yourself needing storage for hundreds of bottles or more, it might be time to consider a cellar or wine  room!

5.‭ Be Creative
‭The goal should be to create a pleasing design element to your room, allowing you to engage with ‭your collection. It can be the focal or a nice accent to your existing décor. You can plan to fill every cradle or ‭strategically leave empty, negative space to highlight ‭the bottles. We’re happy to help your vision come to life with our complimentary CAD design services.

6. ‭Enjoy Being the Envy of Your Friends
Your wine wall will be a showstopper. Get ready for endless compliments, and plan on needing more bottles ‭of wine to keep up with your friends’ increasing visits.