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Restaurant Wine Cellar of the Month (July): Indulge Bistro in Golden

by / Thursday, 26 July 2018 / Published in Design Corner, Restaurants

Indulge Wine Bar Golden

Say the name of the town Golden, Colorado, and two things come to mind: Mountains and Coors. It’s a mining town at the foot of the Rockies that is famous for the mega beer company.

But there’s so much more to this bedroom community 20 minutes outside of Denver than beer (although there are plenty of great craft brewers in town!). Indulge Bistro proves haute wine and food culture is alive and well in beer town.

Just in case visitors assume beer first, the upscale wine bar concept puts its wine on display from the moment you walk in. And when you walk past the bar into the main dining area. And when you head toward the restrooms. And pretty much everywhere you look.

Although we are sure Indulge has a nice brew list, it’s obvious you should be thinking wine first.

The three glass-enclosed wine cubes (a fourth nook features standard wall-mounted configurations for increase capacity) do much more than set the tone for the evening. They serve as smart, airy dividers between different segments of the restaurant. The first is a see-through wine wall behind the hostess stand. The second, is a massive wall that visually blocks the hallway to the bathrooms without closing in the space. The final, is a visual break between the bar area and the dining room.


Indulge Wine Bar Golden

Indulge Bistro Wine Cellar (Golden) Details:

Indulge Wine Bar Golden
Indulge Wine Bar Golden


Photos by Paul Brokering/courtesy of Indulge

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