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How Long Does It Take to Install a Wine Rack: Vino Series

by / Wednesday, 22 April 2020 / Published in Design Corner

According to our latest experiment on Instagram, it takes just shy of 8 mins for a medium handy person (our marketing director) to install a Vino Pins base unit (one bottle) into drywall. 

Vino Pins (patented) and Vino Rails are VintageView’s chic peg system that offers the most trusted way to install direct to drywall (no backer needed) or any other approved surfaces. A single person can install a set (or sets) of Vino Series racks, however a handy friend will make it much easier. 

Here are some additional time estimates for installing Vino Pins or Vino Rails:

-1 min: Using a plotting guide or laser level will save about one minute per set of mounting holes

+1 min: Vino Pins with extensions (add one minute per bottle extension)

8 mins: Installing a Vino Series wine rack into wood using supplied tools (allen wrench or nuts)

  • -3 mins: An M6 driver will save about 3 minutes per base unit (Pins or Rails) into a hardwood surface

Estimated time to assemble and install a Vino Series Post system with 40 total mounting plates

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