Finding Mickey Mouse in a Four Seasons Orlando Home Wine Cellar by Marc-Michaels Interior Design

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When you find a wine cellar that uses the racking and bottles to craft an image of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears, it leaves you wanting to know more. A lot more.

So we went hunting to find the designer.

This elegant — yet totally fun and Disney-ish wine cellar — was crafted as part of a beautiful interior design job by Marc-Michaels Interior Design. This wasn’t a home for a massive Walt Disney fan, rather a high-end residence created in the Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort. Throughout the community, the mouse ears are showcased in subtle fashion. It’s a thing.

In this particular home, you can find the ears in just about every room. Molly Walker, a senior designer with Marc-Michaels, was tasked with leading the project, ensuring a delightful balance of elegance and good-natured Disney fun.

We caught up with her to discuss the wine cellar, the home design, and what she’s pulling from her personal wine collection tonight.

VintageView: It seems challenging to incorporate Mickey Mouse ears into a wine cellar design without it turning campy. How did you manage to balance the elegance with the fun, without going overboard?
Molly Walker: The organic overlay of the wine room metal door pattern softens the overall design. We matched the color of the wine room doors with the Vino Rails as well as the custom stair rail, which is in close proximity, to give the design a cohesive feel.  The larger scale of the Mickey shape itself was important too, so a lot of the ancient wall stone was visible to keep the wine room classic and clean.

VV: What other elements of the home use the iconic Disney image?
MW: We have hidden Mickeys in the master ceiling, master bath cabinetry, Four Seasons pantry island, in the stair railing, and in several accessories. The pool also has Disney character “spitters.”

VV: In three words, describe the design style of the home…  MW: Resort. Classic. Livable.

VV: Tell us about another show-stopping feature in this home:
MW: The kitchen. The open, inviting feel and the use of fresh colors with modern design elements make this a must-see space. The open plan with lots of multi-functional seating makes the kitchen both family and entertaining friendly.

VV: How does the cellar play into the overall home design?
MW: The wine room is definitely one of my favorite Mickey features as it is such a bold visual and conversation statement that can be seen from the foyer. It gently reminds you that you are in the prestigious Four Seasons community and in the heart of Disney.

VV: Now, the shameless plug: Why did you opt for the Vino Rails to create this design?
MW: We like the clean look and the functionality. The Vino Rails are not a traditional way to mount your wine collection, making them a topic of conversation.

VV: In general, do you find yourself designing main-floor, interactive wine displays more often? Please elaborate…
MW: Yes, with the more open floor plan we are seeing more of today, we are seeing less of the traditional dark, heavy, wine room and more of an integrated wine space that is close in proximity to the entertaining.

VV: If this was your home, what bottle of wine would you be pulling out of the cellar tonight?
MW: Me, personally, I would go with the Patriarch by Regusci from Napa Valley.

VV: Good choice. Cheers!

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