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Home Wine Cellar of the Month (May): Contemporary California Living

by / Tuesday, 08 May 2018 / Published in Design Corner

OC Wine Wall

When the interior is luxurious and the design embodies chic minimalism, there is much to be envious about. This two-story wine wall design pulls in contemporary California elements and drives them between a glass floor for one of the most unique displays you’ll find in Orange County — or anywhere.

The cellar’s tall double-doors open to single-deep Wall Series racks on the main level that serve as an anchor point for the airy inside/outside design of the home. The wine wall continues up, through the ceiling, to a bar-height display on the second floor. The piano sitting on glass in front of the wine is an added design punch.

Minimalism is present in the simplicity of the home’s décor, as well as the light and open environment accomplished with the use of glass on all floors and the addition of a skylight. (For those worried about keeping the wine safe, there are many UV films and deterrents that can be added to glass displays as exposed to the natural elements as this.)

The end result is 14-feet monument to wine (396 bottles) and design in general that mixes glass, vinyl and wood in one stunning display.

Piano and Skylight Wine Wall

Orange County Custom Wine Cellar Details:

  • Wall Series metal wine racks (single-deep configuration)
  • Satin Black finish
  • 396-bottle-capacity on metal racks
  • Estimated metal racking cost: $1,335
  • Location: Orange County, Ca


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