Evolution Series Wine Rods

Design a custom Evolution-style display by selecting a side panel of your choosing and building the modern wine storage of your dreams with steel Evolution Support rods.




Maintaining the contemporary label-forward design of the ES Wine Tower, the Wine Rods allow for unique design in virtually any configuration and into a multitude of surfaces. Mix and match rows of standard bottles, Champagne bottles, and larger format bottles base on your project need. The Rods just need to be supported every 39″.

Let our design team create the perfect layout for wine storage in your cabinetry, under-the-bar, and more.


  • 12mm thickness
  • Sold individually (two needed to support one bottle depth)
  • Two finishes (Satin Black or Chrome)
  • 1-meter length or 3 bottles wide
  • Hardware (not included) available

Additional information


Brass Plated (Discontinued), Satin Black, Chrome


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