VintageView Wine Storage Systems is the leader in label-forward, contemporary wine storage. We focus on steel, aluminum and acrylic displays designed to move wine storage from dusty basements and back rooms into the center of gather spaces in both residential and commercial spaces.


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Evolution Tabletop 3-Bottle Wine Rack

Perfect for any social room in your house, the Evolution Tabletop Rack is an elegant and self-contained rack that brings our innovative Evolution series to the countertop. This freestanding rack displays three bottles — label forward — with choice of satin black or plated chrome steel bars, bookended by gorgeous cherry sides.


Wine Bottle Fitted Hat

The stylish new VintageView cap tells the world you love to drink wine — and you have a little more style than most. Embroidered on one-size-fits-most FlexFit hats, they are as comfy as they are good looking.


1 ft Wall Series Metal Wine Rack (3 to 9 bottles)

5.00 out of 5

Perfect for any small-space need, this contemporary steel wall-mounted rack holds three to nine bottles and can be stacked to reach any collection capacity need.


Vino Pins Acrylic Wall-Mounted Wine Rack (1 Bottle)

Consider this the wine rack for the most minimalist collectors. Vino Pins Acrylic are a practically invisible wine rack that offers a stylish and minimalist approach to wine storage for both private and commercial collections of any size.


Vino Pins Metal Wine Peg Starter Set (1 Bottle)

4.50 out of 5

A stylish, contemporary wine rack perfect for any wall (even finished) in your kitchen, living room or any other social area in the home.


2 ft Wall Series Metal Wine Rack (6 to 18 bottles)

5.00 out of 5

Tucked into a tight space, alone on a large wall, or combined with other heights, the 2-Foot Wall Series stores bottles in stunning modern fashion.


One (Metal and Acrylic Tabletop Wine Rack)

5.00 out of 5

A perfect one-bottle wine display rack for your office or wet bar, the One combines the stylish look of acrylic and steel to create a contemporary holder for a special bottle of wine.


3 ft Wall Series Metal Wine Rack (9 to 27 bottles)

4.89 out of 5

The perfect intersection of size and storage, the 3-Foot Wall Series metal rack showcases 9 or more label-forward bottles.


4 ft Wall Series Metal Wine Rack (12 to 36 bottles)

5.00 out of 5

For a case of wine or more, the largest Wall Series wine rack maximizes storage capacity with a contemporary, label-forward flair.


Magnum/Champagne Bottle Metal Wine Rack (9 to 18 bottles)

Show off your magnums or delicious bottles of Champagne in modern, label-forward style. Available in 9- (single deep) or 18- (double deep) bottle options.


Big Bottle Wall Series (4 Bottle)

The sophisticated label-forward wine storage solution to show off up to four Double Magnum, Jerobaom or Imperial bottles (up to 6L).


Stemware Rack

5.00 out of 5

A 4- to 6-glass steel display that enhances the design of any Wall Series wine wall, cellar or room by incorporating your beautiful stemware.


9-Bottle Presentation Row Metal Wine Rack

A complimentary 9-bottle steel wine display to enhance the design of any Wall Series wine wall, cellar or room.


Wall Series Single (1-Bottle) Metal Wine Rack

5.00 out of 5

Configure a contemporary, label-forward wine display in any shape imaginable with this single-bottle steel cradle.


Bottle Retention Straps

Our rugged bottle retention straps are ideal for Wall Series & Vino Styx racks installed in high-traffic or earthquake prone areas.


Le Rustique (6 Bottle)

4.00 out of 5

The rugged metal embellishment that serves as a decorative top to this rack harkens back to a simpler time while still offering our contemporary, label-forward design.


Magnum Wall Series (18 Bottle) Brass Discontinued Finish

Show off 18 magnums or delicious bottles of Champagne in modern, label-forward style. In discontinued Brass finish.


Mini 6-Bottle Tabletop Metal Wine Rack

The Mini is a versatile, tabletop display that takes our patented label-forward from the wall to any flat surface. Use your countertop to show off your bottles in contemporary style.


Vino Pins 2-Bottle Kit (Double Bottle Depth)

With a two-bottle depth, build a modern wall of wine that balances minimalism with enhanced storage capacity, perfect for the walls (even finished one) in your kitchen, living room or any other social area in the home.


Vino Pins 3-Bottle Kit (Triple Bottle Depth)

Contemporary style doesn’t mean skimping on bottle capacity. The 3-bottle kit maximizes bottle count while keeping with our modern design in your kitchen, living room or any other social area in the home.


Vino Pins Extension

Transform (now or later) any Vino Pins starter set to two- or three-deep bottle configurations, allowing your display to grow with your wine collection.



Vino Rails

4.00 out of 5

Let your wine bottles float on any drywall surface affixed to these minimalist pegs that put the cork forward. Attaches direct to drywall, concrete and wood surfaces with no backer board needed.


Vino Series Masonry Hardware Kit

For those looking to blend metal and masonry, this hardware kit will help install any Vino Pins or Vino Rails product into a concrete surface.


Floor-to-Ceiling Mounted Frame

Take your wine collection all the way to the ceiling — even without a wall — with this 10-foot high steel frame that pairs with VintageView’s patented label-forward Wall Series wine racks. Perfect for spaces without access to — or desire to drill into — walls.