Katie Betsworth has joined VintageView Wine Storage Systems as an account manager, a newly formed position. Her responsibilities include working directly with customers on residential cellar projects, from concept to completion. She supports the business development team’s commercial and residential projects, and work with the hospitality, design, and architecture trade communities.  Since moving to Denver in 2010,

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  The extremely popular Vino Rails and Vino Pins are now offered in a super cool anodized black aluminum finish! This new finish is available for shipping. We’ve been showing product samples at tradeshows and events this year, and the feedback has been fantastic. The anodized finish is a beautiful, rich stain to the milled aluminum

Fire Restaurant and Lounge has a certain aesthetic standard to live up to that most restaurants never have to even consider. It happens to be located inside the design-y Art Hotel, the newest addition to Denver’s architecture-minded Golden Triangle/Museum District. “Here at the art hotel, art is everything,” says Aaron Coburn, hotel manager. “We are the

Now you can put a little glass in your wine display. Introducing the Wall Series Stemware Rack, a modular solution to integrating sleek stemware into your modern wine display. To kick off the product launch, we are offering a 20% off through March 13. The Stemware Rack holds up to six wine glasses. Plus, it connects,

The wine cellar trend is heating up across the globe. Check out this modern wine cellar trend piece from New Zealand, which features a wine wall courtesy of our Kiwi partners, Wine on the Side. From the Stuff (NZ): Wine storage has come of age – it’s no longer enough to simply stash a few

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The 4K moniker of this cellar could easily have two definitions. The obvious one being it holds 4,000 bottles (that’s a lot of juice!). You could also say it’s about 4,000 times more amazing than just about any wine room you’ve ever seen in a home. This two-story stunner is a centerpiece on the main

A Bordeaux can be a Cabernet Sauvignon but a Cabernet is often not a Bordeaux. Welcome to the complex world of wine names. One of the most common mistakes wine consumers make when order or purchasing wine is not understanding the difference between these two types of popular wines. Cabernet Sauvignon is a grape, and one

Betsy O’Day has joined VintageView Wine Storage Systems as the Western Region Business Development representative. Her responsibilities include growing long-term relationships with restaurant and hospitality groups, interior designers, and architects. She will also serve as a lead cellar design consultant on commercial and residential projects. Betsy was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Northern California,

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We haven’t been this excited about coming to a Vegas tradeshow since the days of free all-you-can-eat buffets. That was a long time ago, if recollection serves. It’s for a simple reason: When we unveil our brand new VintageView Wine Storage Systems booth at IBS 2016 from Jan. 19-21, we will be showing off some

My annual trip to South Florida is a whirlwind experience filled with endless family obligations, traffic and all the fun stress that comes with the holidays. It’s not often I get to truly enjoy the place that drives tourists from all over the world for its beaches, culinary experiences and crazy-fun nightlife. This year, however, my

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