The 4K moniker of this cellar could easily have two definitions. The obvious one being it holds 4,000 bottles (that’s a lot of juice!). You could also say it’s about 4,000 times more amazing than just about any wine room you’ve ever seen in a home. This two-story stunner is a centerpiece on the main

A Bordeaux can be a Cabernet Sauvignon but a Cabernet is often not a Bordeaux. Welcome to the complex world of wine names. One of the most common mistakes wine consumers make when order or purchasing wine is not understanding the difference between these two types of popular wines. Cabernet Sauvignon is a grape, and one

Betsy O’Day has joined VintageView Wine Storage Systems as the Western Region Business Development representative. Her responsibilities include growing long-term relationships with restaurant and hospitality groups, interior designers, and architects. She will also serve as a lead cellar design consultant on commercial and residential projects. Betsy was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Northern California,

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We haven’t been this excited about coming to a Vegas tradeshow since the days of free all-you-can-eat buffets. That was a long time ago, if recollection serves. It’s for a simple reason: When we unveil our brand new VintageView Wine Storage Systems booth at IBS 2016 from Jan. 19-21, we will be showing off some

My annual trip to South Florida is a whirlwind experience filled with endless family obligations, traffic and all the fun stress that comes with the holidays. It’s not often I get to truly enjoy the place that drives tourists from all over the world for its beaches, culinary experiences and crazy-fun nightlife. This year, however, my

When we opened the New York Times earlier this month (okay, we clicked through to the online version), we found what has to be one of the nicest mentions of our products we’ve found in the media. And yes, we ordered several back copies of the print version of the day’s paper. The Times interviewed

We all love toasting a glass of Champagne during the holiday season. For most, it’s simply a festive and delicious way to celebrate. Then there’s the rest of us who love bubbles more than bacon. If you have one of these serious onephiles on your holiday shopping list this year, we offer you three Christmas gifts for

We could not be more thrilled when we opened the December issue of FSR magazine today. It’s the annual Buyer’s Guide, where editors select some of the best products in the world to showcase to the 10s of thousands in the restaurant industry who read the magazine. And there it was: “Vive la différence of

We’re starting Cyber Monday on Black Friday! Which means now is the right time to start building your contemporary, metal wine storage wall, cellar or room. Start with just a bottle or two or create a place to hold thousands of wines. Starting on Black Friday, we are getting into the shopping spirit with some

‭ Our modular design allows wine and interior design lovers to create storage solutions for any size or need, not just ‭expansive wine cellars for vintage Bordeaux. We continue to see more and more installations of wine walls, which quickly ‭become beautiful focal points in any room. These projects can’t always include climate-controlled functionality to

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