Case & Crate: Modular wine lockers and wine bins

Case & Crate Wine Lockers and Wine Bins for homes and restaurants


Case & Crate: Wine Lockers and Bins

We're pretty sure this is the only wine locker and bin collection that is both affordable (starting at $5/bottle) and available (same-day shipping). Plus, it's sexy as heck. Case & Crate is a modular wine locker and bin product line that can expand with your collection by stacking or extending to the side. Perfect for home and commercial storage projects, starting at just 48 bottles.

Constructed of the same stylish and rugged steel as our award-winning and patented Wall Series wine rack line, these wine lockers and bins integrate into custom wine cellar designs and can stand on their own as the storage centerpiece.

Wine Lockers

Offered in short and tall configurations, our Wine Lockers securely store wine in homes and restaurants with the ability to lock the doors for security. Add ons include locker labels, engraved nameplates, and locks.

Wine Bins

Offered in short and tall configurations, our Wine Bins store wine in homes and restaurants with the ease and style of an open cube design. Add ons include X-bin inserts, labels and engraved nameplates, and shelves.

The ROI of Wine Lockers in Restaurants

For years, high-end steakhouses have drawn their top clientele through the doors more often by storing their wines for them. Locker programs at national giants such as Capitol Grille and Morton’s, and independent places like Guard & Grace (Denver) alike proven their worth. They improve customer retention and satisfaction while driving more revenue. Learn more>>

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Same-Day Shipping (You Heard Right!)

Case & Crate Locker Short 192-Bottle Kit Case & Crate Lockers (tall configuration) with Wall Series wine racks

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