VintageView U Mini Lesson: Island Display Racks FAQs

The Island Display Rack collection is our answer to stylish retail storage. Using our patented label-forward design, this collection creates engaging displays that help wine shops and tasting rooms drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

This document covers several of the most common issues that arise with the Island Display Rack collection. For the ins and outs of the entire series, please reference the IDR training module.

Top 10 FAQs
as in, these are the questions customers seem to get wrong

10. Can I order a single-sided 7-foot IDR?
If we’re talking stock items, that’s a hard NO. However, we can create a custom, one-sided 7-foot IDR. This must be bolted to the floor.

9. Do footer pads automatically come with an upright if I order it separate or need additional?
No, they are only included when a full IDR (base unit or extension) is purchased.

8. What should I do if someone orders only an extension package on ECOMM?
As a customer-centric company, we should reach out to the customer to ensure they did this on purpose, since extension sets need to be attached to a base unit. Since these are often B2B clients, it’s best to send the order info to the proper sales rep.

7. Is the presentation row on the IDR the same as the one listed under Wall Series?
While very close, the mounting brackets are different from the Wall Series variety. Our wall-mounted PR has individual legs that line up with our standard 13-inch Wall Series wine rack columns. The IDR’s PR features mounts that are lined up to attach to the uprights on the outside.

6. Can you put a shelf bracket on a 7-foot IDR?
Sure, but why? Unless you have an NBA center on your staff, it’ll be tricky getting anything on or off.

5. Can I attach an end-cap to a 7-foot IDR?
Yes! We recommend replicating the height of the racking on both sides (which would mean ordering both a 3-foot and a 4-foot version).

4. Can I get the IDR in bronze?
We can provide an IDR in virtually any color imaginable so long as it’s not plated. There are several bronze powder coated options. This will require a 4- to 6-week lead time and increase the cost fourfold.

3. Where are the 7-foot uprights fabricated?
Here in Denver, however, for simplicity, we do not specify that, meaning when we ship to other North American countries, we pay taxes as if it was fabricated in China.

2. Are the 7-foot uprights in stock?
We try to keep a small number on hand but check inventory before promising same-day availability. When not in stock, the lead time is 4 to 6 weeks.

1. Which parts and pieces come with an IDR base kit?
Just about everything you need to build one. Reference the training module, video, or installation instructions for details.

NOTE: Please be patient when asking for a quick turnaround time on pulling an IDR order. These products feature a variety of parts and pieces that need to be pulled together. We photograph the entire shipment to verify the order was sent out complete.

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