VintageView U: Design Fees and Codes

Purpose: This document is a primer for what fees to charge (and when) and the proper codes to input into Quickbooks as we walk our clients through the project design process.

Design Fees & Codes

Design Fee | Varies
This code is used for all custom designs. Custom needs and cost will be determined by Dave or Rachel following the initial in-house custom product meeting. The Design Fee is fully refundable toward the purchase of the specific project.

Revision Charge | $100
This code is used for customers who need more than the complimentary 3 CAD designs. This fee covers an additional 3 designs. If the customer needs additional designs, this fee is charged again. The Revision Charge is fully refundable toward the purchase of the specific project.


  • Different design options on the same project count toward the revision total
  • At the discretion of a manager, the Revision Charge can be waved for a 4th drawing only

Priority Design | $100
This fee guarantees design completion within 24 hours (1 full business day). The clock starts the following business day from order received unless otherwise approved by a manager. Priority Design fees can be collected for custom jobs as well, guaranteeing a 5-business day turnaround. Priority Design fees are not refundable.

Additional QB Codes

  • 2D Drawing: Used to notate our standard, 2D drawing was ordered
  • 3D Drawing: Used to notate our premium 3D Drawing service. This is coming soon (fees and or conditions will apply).
  • Design Revision: Used to notate each revision; design department tracks
  • Sales Revision: Used for sales/dealer rep to revise an estimate originally created by the design department. This helps us track how many items require revisions after design is completed.

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