Wall Series Bottle Retention Straps

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Our rugged bottle retention straps are ideal for Wall Series racks installed in high-traffic or earthquake prone areas.


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For those who live in earthquake prone areas or just want to place an amazing wine display in a high-traffic area, we have you covered. Our durable Wall Series Bottle Retention Straps securely tether individual bottles to any Wall Series* steel rods — works in single-, double- and triple-bottle deep configurations. They also work with the Wall Series Single.

Keep your prized wine collection safe from accidental breakage due to bumps and shakes. This updated design incorporates a rugged steel clip, completely encased in the body of the EPDM rubber strap so as not to mar bottle labels.


  • Secures one bottle to any Wall Series* rack
  • Includes 1 neck and 1 base strap
  • Made of durable rubber
  • Easy to install

*Excluding WS-BIG1 and WS-PR

2 reviews for Wall Series Bottle Retention Straps

  1. Jeff Ragsdale (verified owner)

    Living in a seismic zone, I was concerned about securing our wine in the horizontal racking system. These elastic straps are the perfect solution. They retain the bottles well and are hardly noticeable. I am pleased to recommend these straps.

  2. Gary Skrabutenas (verified owner)

    They do the job of securing bottles to my freestanding rack and are easy to unhook to remove bottles. I recommend them for earthquake zones though they are a little expensive if you need a lot of them. The straps are a little wide and can obscure small text of some wine labels. Fortunately, the straps can be stretched a bit to either side to uncover the text.

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