Evolution Wine Wall Post 10s (solid frame)

A solid post frame system that scales to ceiling heights of to 10 feet in height, this wine rack post allows the installation of our ground-breaking label-forward Evolution Wine Wall wine racks through ceiling and floor mounting. Ships tomorrow and backed by a lifetime warranty.



The Evolution Wine Wall Post 10s is a solid frame system for ceiling heights up to 10 feet in height (crating required for shipping). This wine rack post allows the installation of our ground-breaking, label-forward Evolution Wine Wall wine racks through ceiling and floor mounting to create floating wine rack displays in commercial and residential projects.

Off-the-wall mounting provides a versatile design enhancement to build room dividers, install wine racks against glass, and help install racking in front of high-end tile or other materials that make wall mounting difficult.

This 10-foot solid steel wine rack post (cut down to fit ceiling height) is offered in matte black or custom powder coat finishes to seamlessly integrate with all Evolution Wine Wall racking products and is backed by our lifetime warranty. Great for large commercial installations, especially designs that feature racking on just one side of the post.

Each Post sold singularly. Two are needed for installation of any Evolution Wine Wall installation. Add an additional Post per Wine Wall Extension unit.  

Need help understanding how to lay out a floating wine rack display? Let our design team help with complimentary wine display consultation services.

  • DIMENSIONS & BOTTLE CAPACITY: 120″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″ (without bottles; cut to fit height on site); with Evolution Wine Wall wine racking (sold separately) holds up to 378 bottles (750ml). Dimensions with racking:
    • Bottles on One Side
      • Single-bottle depth: 5.625”
      • Double-bottle depth: 9.625”
      • Triple-bottle depth: 12.625”
    • Bottles on Both Sides
      • Single, single: 9.75”
      • Single, double: 13.75”
      • Single, triple: 17.25”
      • Double, double: 20.75”
      • Double, triple: 21.75”
      • Triple, triple: 26.75”
  • MINIMALIST WINE STORAGE: Take your wine collection off the wall by creating single- or double-sided floating wine racks. Hardware to install Evolution Wine Wall Racks to Frame and 1 welded Base Plates and 1 base plate insert included.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL & SLEEK FINISH: Built with commercial-grade steel, backed by a lifetime warranty, and available in matte black finish (aka Satin Black).
  • FLOOR-TO-CEILING SUPPORT: Get the wine rack support you need without compromising style. Create unique, one-sided installations against windows or fragile tile.
  • KEY FEATURES: This wine rack support accessory is easy-to-install in your home and is up to 10 feet tall when assembled.
  • MOVING WINE STORAGE FORWARD: At VintageView, we create the preferred wine racks for design professional sand design-focused DIYers.
  • GET IT FAST: For most orders, this will ship the next day. Just give us a few hours to build the shipping crate!
  • DESIGN EXPERTISE: Let us help you layout your wine display including the right mix of Evolution Series Posts and accessories with complimentary CAD design.

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Satin Black


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