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Evolution Wine Rods: Wine bottle support for custom millwork

Maintaining the contemporary label-forward design of the Evolution Wine Tower or Wine Wall systems, the Wine Rods allow for unique design in virtually any configuration and into a multitude of surfaces. Mix and match rows of standard bottles, Champagne bottles, and larger format bottles base on your project need. Perfect for custom millwork and other unique designs. 


Evolution Series Wine Tower Wall Clamp

Designed to secure any freestanding Evolution Series Wine Tower to a wall, this simple-to-install clamp provides ample security to ensure wine-filled cases stand without wobble or fear of tipping over.


Evolution Threaded Insert

Projects that require cutting down steel Evolution Support Rods to any custom length require the Evolution Threaded Insert.


Evolution Stud

This stud allows the connection of two Evolution Support Rods to either side of a connecting panel including Wine Towers, Wine Walls, and custom products.


Evolution Screw

This screw allows the connection of one Evolution Support Rod into an end-piece display panel including Wine Towers, Wine Walls, and custom products.