The New Wine List: Wine Wall

nnaka japanese LAWhy rely on a few leafs of paper to engage with diners? Our design-forward mentality puts curated wine lists on display in bustling dining rooms throughout the country. Somm-inspired wine collections deserve an equal spotlight to chef's creations. Our innovative products create wine displays, small to massive, that tempt guest at every turn. Restaurateurs, retailers, and hoteliers around the world trust our products to hold valuable collections in cellars, behind glass, on floating walls, and as accent pieces that are equal parts design and functional space. Collections ranging from just a few bottles and up. Design Services & CAD Blocks | Installation Resources | Inspiration Galleries


Fidelitas Wines
Benton City, Wa
Products: Wall Series
Capacity: 432 bottles
Est. Cost: $1,900


Tala Bistro
Lantham, Ny
Products: Wall Series, Floor-to-Ceiling Frames
Capacity: 900 bottles
Est. Cost: $3,200


Guard & Grace
Denver, Co
Products: Wall Series, Floor-to-Ceiling Frames
Capacity: 3,397 bottles
Est. Cost: $15,000


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