FORGOT YOUR DETAILS? Wine Cellars are a Luxury Amenity Many Buyers Demand

by / Saturday, 12 June 2021 / Published in General

Demand in wine cellars, especially in tony real estate, is a thing. digs into the value of a wine room

It wasn’t that long ago that wine just wasn’t a thing in the U.S. In 1993, the year the Food Network launched, Americans imbibed just 449 million gallons a year, according to the Wine Institute—only 1.74 gallons per person. Thanks in part to the subsequent TV-fueled craze for gourmet food and wine, we’ve ramped up quickly, guzzling 913 gallons in 2015. Cheers, America! So it’s no wonder that wine cellars and wine rooms—often decked out with exotic woods, glass walls, and even a tasting room—are catching up to media rooms as a must-have amenity for buyers, especially in the luxury market. A recent report from the National Association of Home Builders found that among new-home buyers with an annual household income of $150,000 or more, 31% named a wine cellar as their most desired amenity. (A media room was the top choice for 45% of the 4,326 recent and prospective home buyers polled.)

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