The Modern Wine Cellars of Instagram | October edition

by / Monday, 13 November 2017 / Published in Design Corner

Halloween must have inspired some designers in October. We found oodles of #winewall, #winecellar, and #labelforward inspiration in this month’s look at the Best Wine Cellars of Instagram — even a few dressed up for the spooky holiday.

9. Cellar with a View

Our friends at Builders Glass Of Bonita have done it again! Stylish, simple glass wine cellar here. UV film on the glass allows the cellar to come in close contact with natural light and still look great. We love that you can see the water while you are picking out a bottle.

8. A Full Service Living Room

Certified designer Heritage Vine Custom Wine Cellars designed this “wine bar” addition to a stylish living room. Custom fabricated wood blends with a stone wall and modern, metal wine racking. We’re ready to come visit.

Wine cellar features Wall Series metal wine racks in balanced  capacity two-bottle depth configuration mounted on Floor to Ceiling Frames (FCFs). All in satin black.

7. Trick or Wine?

Hi Rob. Will you be our friend? Seriously. You have a bad-ass wine cellar in Windsor, Co., with a guitar mounted in it for fun.  Then, you take the time to dress it up for Halloween. Please? We’ll always bring good wine.

Wine display features Wall Series metal wine racks in two-bottle depth configuration and in satin black finish.

6. Acrylic, Acrylic, Everywhere

No need to stop with just the nearly invisible bar stools. Jenkins Interiors takes minimalism seriously in Dallas, Tx, by floating a few dozen bottles of wine on clear acrylic Vino Pins. We love this.

Wine display features Vino Series Acrylic in single-bottle configuration.

5. A Dog’s Wine Wall

There are better photos of this wine wall featured on the McNemar house IG feed. But we love dogs.

Wine display features Wall Series metal wine racks in minimalist single-bottle depth configuration and in satin black.

4. Those Chairs!

This is in our top two of most comfortable looking wine rooms in the world. Baker Design Group nailed this wine parlor, making it equal parts elegance and comfort.

Wine display features Wall Series metal wine racks in double-bottle depth configuration and in satin black finish.

3. Perfect Transition

A great example of less is more. Well spaced columns of wine, offset from a white stone wall, give this room a visual deep breath. Project by certified designer Wine Racks America.

Wine display features Wall Series metal wine racks mounted to Floor to Ceiling Frames (FCFs). Satin black finish.

2. Art, Two Ways

This wall is a focal point because of art in the bottle and art in a frame. Feels like you should grab a glass and pretend your in an art gallery for a few moments. This smart glass-enclosed design also includes a pair of wine fridges, allowing for wine to be stored at serving temperature. Nice touch.

Wine display features Wall Series metal wine racks in minimalist, single-bottle depth configuration. Brushed nickel finish.

1. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

We couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of this post. Lots of really cool custom storage here, with #labelforward Vino Pins serving as the design focal point.

Wine display features Vino Pins aluminum wine pegs in double-bottle depth configuration and in milled finish.

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  1. Simply beautiful modern wine cellars! Thanks for sharing. I think you would love the Kips Bay Showhouses and Dallas Showhouse on my blog and I just saw where Dee Frazier featured the Kips Bay Dallas Showhouse on her blog –

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