Fierce Label, Fierce Wine: The 2013 Girl & Dragon Malbec (Argentina)

by / Friday, 30 September 2016 / Published in Wine

Girl and Dragon 2013 Malbec

Any wine with a dragon on the bottle must be fierce. Right!?! That was the hope when we found this Argentinian Malbec at the wine shop. A textured backdrop outlining said beast provides texture to the label, a beautiful women with flowers, flowing hair, and pearls.

The Girl & Dragon wine company is not messing around.

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The label is equal parts magic and mystery. The backstory begins to tell a little more about the inspiration of the design and the juice in the bottle.

Girl and Dragon is part of the Wine Sisterhood, an online community where women can join the conversation about wine, food, travel, style, and entertaining. The Wine Sisterhood also supports philanthropic causes that are important to women, including breast cancer awareness and supporting arts in schools. There are several other brands in the Sisterhood, including: Cowgirl Sisterhood, Middle Sister, Monogamy, PromisQous, Purple Cowboy, and Tall Dark Stranger.

The brand is about empowerment in an industry that has long been dominated by the other gender.

We can get behind that, especially when this South American-grown wine carries with it some aggressive California winemaking that can kick off an evening of fun in the time it takes to pull out the cork.

Did the Wine Live Up to the Design?

It was rich, fruit forward, and powerful … perhaps even fierce. So yes.

Aging Potential:

This is a drink now kinda of wine. So show it off in label-forward racking the next time you have a get together and open it up to kick up the party. Retail Price: $16 (newer vintage available)

Who Selected this Wine?

Lainie Hodges, marketing assistant. “The stunning label piqued my curiosity, and the intricate details immediately drew me in.”

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