5 Wine Shop Designs that Will Make You Say: WOW

by / Wednesday, 16 September 2020 / Published in Design Corner

When we first got a peek of the inside of Liquor Lodge in Jasper, our reaction was simple: WOW! 

This wine retailer in Alberta is a stunning example of the results that come when a great interior design firm gets a say in the space. 

Proof that our Island Display Rack collection can anchor spaces every bit as beautifully as the home and restaurant wine rooms we’re known for.

Scroll down for more on Liquor Lodge and inspiration from four other stellar retail designs … 

This mega-store emphasizes aesthetics every bit as much as experience. The result being a store that packs in bottles while still maintaining a look befitting of an interior design studio.

Liquor Lodge – Jasper, Alberta (CA)

With a wide-open floor plan often used for events, Michael’s Wine Cellar uses Island Display Racks on Castors to allow for great design that can move when needed.

Easy to browse, easy to reconfigure for events, easy to look at! 

Micheal’s Wine Cellar – Sarasota, FL

There is hardly better proof of product than a high-end wine shop expanding, and doubling down on VintageView’s chic Island Display Rack series.

This South Boston boutique loved the retail space created by IDRs so much that it included them as the main design feature in its second location in Cambridge. 

Social Wine – Boston, MA

The name suggests the focus is on vino, and that carries over to how Everything Wine showcases its deep collection of BC and worldly wines. 

This Vancouver retailer leans on the beauty and practicality of Island Display Racks to balance retail practicality with a style that improves the customer experience.

Win-win for this beautiful wine shop!

Everything Wine – Vancouver, British Columbia (CA)

We love when a unique wall-mounted wine display matches the choice of racking on the floor. This Denver metro area retailer puts VintageView on the wall (inside gorgeous custom millwork) and on the floor with matching label-forward Island Display Racks. 

This elevates the design in functional fashion.

Highlands Wine Cellar – Highlands Ranch, CO

Inspired? Hope so. Let’s design a boutique wine shop together! 

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