Wine Cellar Cooling Units


We are experts at making wine look good — and ensuring its safe storage for years to come. We know the top wine cooling manufacturers and refer you to the right place to meet the needs of your project, big or small, residential or commercial.

Here’s what you need to know:

There are three basic cooling system categories…

The proper unit for your project will be based on a variety factors including size of room, access to utility rooms or outside walls, overall budget, and more. We can walk you through the entire process!

Contained Units

These ready-to-go units primarily install through a wall with the front (evaporator) visible in the cellar, with the rear portion (condenser) of the unit facing outside into another room or even direct to the outside.


Simply, these systems split the evaporator and condensing units. The evaporator can be located inside the cellar or outside the cellar if ducted. The condenser can be installed in another room or outside.


Ducted systems remove the evaporator and the condenser from the cellar entirely (much like an air conditioning system). These can be placed in a utility room or outside.

Let’s get started on a design…

Let’s get started on your project:

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