Wine Rack Accessories

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Evolution Stud

This stud allows the connection of two Evolution Support Rods to either side of a connecting panel.


Evolution Threaded Insert

Projects that require cutting down steel Evolution Support Rods to any custom length require the Evolution Threaded Insert.


Vino Pins Designer Kit

Unleash your inner designer. The Vino Pins Designer Kit comes with everything you need to map out and install a beautiful metal wine peg racking system on any wall in the home.


Vino Series Masonry Hardware Kit

For those looking to blend metal and masonry, this hardware kit will help install any Vino Pins or Vino Rails product into a concrete surface.


Vino Pins Extension

Transform (now or later) any Vino Pins starter set to two- or three-deep bottle configurations, allowing your display to grow with your wine collection.



M6 Driver for Vino Series Wood Wall Installs

This handy driver makes securing the wood lag mounts into plywood and other hard surfaces a breeze. Designed for the 6M hardware that is included in all Vino Pins and Vino Rails products.


Floating Wall Wine Rack Kit (One Sided)

Rated 5.00 out of 5

This one-sided floating wine wall configuration is perfect for displays that need to go against custom tiled walls or be set off for any reason.


Floating Wall Wine Rack Kit (Two Sided)

This two-sided floor-to-ceiling mounting wine rack configuration is a prefect kit to create room dividers or push displays up against glass walls in stunning fashion.