We’re a sucker for some good marketing. When we see a seductive label with a clever name followed simply with “by WINERY NAME HERE,” we assume the vintner is trying to tell us this is a premier wine. Yup, it doesn’t take much to impress us. So when a bottle of Black Tears by Tapiz found

We live a bit more than 1,000 miles from the nearest ocean making it nice to think of salty sea water, white-capped waves, and warm breezes whenever we can. When uncorking the 2013 Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir by Deep Sea Wines, the aquatic label teased of a transformation from our arid world to a

Christmas is less than two weeks away. Before you step up to the ledge, we have you covered with 4 perfect gifts for any wine lover on your list. And yes, you can get them to your home before the big day. The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert: Take a Whiff of That by

We first fell for the Fidelitas Wines labels when some friends shared photos during a trip to its Woodinville (just outside of Seattle) tasting room. The urban/chic tasting bar for this eastern Washington vineyard and winery featured near floor-to-ceiling wine walls showing off elegant, etched bottle labels. As an added bonus, we noticed the lettering was written sideways and

Dionisio — the god of wine and vine in Greek mythology — saw the owl as the enemy of his wine celebrations for the simple reason that the nocturnal bird was tasked with protecting the vineyard and scaring away anyone who approached. Picking by Label: We pick a wine bottle based on its label — then

There’s something very simple and old-fashioned about the label design of Bully Hill Vineyards “Sweet Walter Red” NV Concord, Reugon, Baco blend. Like you should be sitting on a porch on a warm summer evening with this bottle, talking about the day’s exploits, the politics of the week, or maybe an adventure on the horizon.

The Susana Balbo “Crios” Malbec label is a crisp take on the art deco style. Simple fonts and straight, bold red lines give it enough design structure and pizazz to stand out on the shelf. Then there’s the handprint, which, in previous vintages, was a dominant visual centerpiece. Now it’s a fun secondary element. The combination brings

Wine cellars are a big business. People spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, to create environments to safely store their tasty wines in homes and restaurants. Why? Because wine is a fickle beast, a nuanced beverage made of grapes that loves time to develop. The great wines of the world can spend years, decades

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Wine deserves a pleasant place to rest that is not only stylish but protects the tasty juice from harsh environments. Some wine storage rooms are situated in subterranean areas that are naturally cool and damp. For the majority of potential storage locations that are not, wine cellar refrigeration allows us to store valuable collections in just

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Follow along as our marketing intern, Thomas Roller, learns the ins and outs of the wine industry in this feature column, Somm’s Apprentice! Like most college students, I find the primary pleasure of wine to be in the drinking. But drinking and tasting are not necessarily the same thing, as anyone who’s ever downed a couple

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