In keeping with our mission to provide beautiful wine racks that are every bit as stylish as they are functional, we are pleased to announce four new offerings that improve the modularity of key existing products: Wall Series Stemware Racks: Single and double deep configurations Wall Series Presentation Rows: 13-inch wide option Vino Series Pins:

Wine cellars are a big business. People spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, to create environments to safely store their tasty wines in homes and restaurants. Why? Because wine is a fickle beast, a nuanced beverage made of grapes that loves time to develop. The great wines of the world can spend years, decades

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It doesn’t take long to outgrow a small wine wall, so I took some free time on Father’s Day weekend to tackle a long desired wine room expansion DIY project. Before After   A little backstory: For the past 2 years, there have typically been just as many bottles on the floor as on the racks.

Wine deserves a pleasant place to rest that is not only stylish but protects the tasty juice from harsh environments. Some wine storage rooms are situated in subterranean areas that are naturally cool and damp. For the majority of potential storage locations that are not, wine cellar refrigeration allows us to store valuable collections in just

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Perhaps too often, we assume that a national restaurant brand will offer up a cookie cutter décor alongside a predictably tasty menu. Not that we judge. However, when we first laid eyes on the Fogo de Chao NYC our expectations were were blown away. Probably because we have a one-track mind when it comes to checking out

THESE TIPS CAN HELP YOU TURN YOUR RESTAURANT INTO A BEVERAGE DESTINATION. When restaurants try to think of ways to drive beverage sales, interior design probably isn’t the first item on the list, but the reality is that an impressive wine display can generate huge sales lifts. Dramatic displays can not only help set the

Follow along as our marketing intern, Thomas Roller, learns the ins and outs of the wine industry in this feature column, Somm’s Apprentice! Like most college students, I find the primary pleasure of wine to be in the drinking. But drinking and tasting are not necessarily the same thing, as anyone who’s ever downed a couple

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Colorado wine. Ever heard of it? This is a state generally known for its mountains — and all the recreation that comes along with it — which means its vibrant and growing agriculture industry often gets overlooked. Well, stop overlooking it. The Western Slope (especially the Palisade area) is home to beautiful fruit orchards and

We’re big fans of high-end realty, and even though we generally leave the design end of a home to the designers, we do like to keep our finger on the pulse of ongoing trends in the architecture world. Our metal wine racks can do a lot to improve the aesthetics of a home by themselves,

Melonie Graves is taking full advantage of her life as a self-described big corporate dropout. The third-generation Floridian traded in the desk job for a life of home staging and designing, allowing her creativity to flow on a daily basis. We like her style. Throughout the life transition, she’s become a budding social media star, blogging about

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