Halloween must have inspired some designers in October. We found oodles of #winewall, #winecellar, and #labelforward inspiration in this month’s look at the Best Wine Cellars of Instagram — even a few dressed up for the spooky holiday. Need more? Let us help? 9. Cellar with a View Our friends at Builders Glass Of Bonita have done

We’ve seen a lot of tasting rooms in our wine-soaked adventures over the years. This includes visits to Piedmont (It), Grand Valley (Co), Napa and Sonoma (Ca.), and more. The tasting room for Deep Sea/Conway Family Wines might take the cake for natural beauty. Located in picturesque Santa Barbara, Ca., it sits on a pier

A wine list only takes a customer so far. Restaurants that want to engage their guests beyond paper are increasingly building beautiful, display-forward wine cellars that help tempt diners into a nice bottle for the evening. Speaking of bottles, open something nice, check out these projects, then get in touch when you are ready to put one

Dionisio — the god of wine and vine in Greek mythology — saw the owl as the enemy of his wine celebrations for the simple reason that the nocturnal bird was tasked with protecting the vineyard and scaring away anyone who approached. Picking by Label: We pick a wine bottle based on its label — then

Continuing Education Courses (CEUs) are a great resource for architects and interior designers to learn about crucial topics and emerging trends. And we know many positions in the design and building trade require a certain number of CEUs to maintain status. With the clock winding down on 2018, we present 5 stylish CEU topics to help you

Drinking and collecting wine is a lifestyle. And grand collections should be put on display. Here are five of the sexiest wine cellars we’ve seen recently, all balancing the elements that keep wine safe with serious modern design panache. Open a nice bottle, check out these projects, then get in touch when you are ready to put

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, opening bottles of wine, serving delicious cheese plates to friends, cooking, cleaning … you get the point. This makes us want our kitchen to always be an amazing design piece of our room. Here are 5 DIY projects Update Dated Cabinets via Better Homes & Gardens

If only we could get paid to drink wine and look at Instagram … there’s just so much great design work on this photo-driven social network (lots of good cat photos too). We found oodles of #winewall, #winecellar, and #labelforward inspiration in this month’s look at the Best Wine Cellars of Instagram. Need more? Let us

There’s something very simple and old-fashioned about the label design of Bully Hill Vineyards “Sweet Walter Red” NV Concord, Reugon, Baco blend. Like you should be sitting on a porch on a warm summer evening with this bottle, talking about the day’s exploits, the politics of the week, or maybe an adventure on the horizon.

As Houston begins the slow recovery from Hurricane Harvey, it’s nice to see events pushing forward, including the opening of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program Showcase Home in the Bluejack National golf community in Montgomery, a town about an hour northwest of the city. This family-centric 6,300-square-foot home features bright colors, tough fabrics to stand

The world leader in modern, label-forward wine rack design.